5 Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil For Dogs

Everybody is already aware of the exceptional health benefits of using CBD oil as a dietary plan for your dog. However, there are some potential side effects of using the oil that you must know before feeding it to your dog. It is not always necessary for your dog to get this side effect, but sometimes they can catch the effects you can control with the proper knowledge.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is referred to as cannabidiol. It is a compound that is derived from cannabis and hemp. They are quite famous for their psychoactive effects, and many people use them for illegal activities. However, psychoactive effects are not always negative; they can also provide various health benefits to humans and animals. You can simply treat problems like anxiety and stress, inflammation and many more by feeding CBD for anxiety supplements as per their requirement.

Potential Side Effects of Cannabidiol on Dog

1. Dry Mouth 

CBD not only have effects on dog but also can affect human beings and course, cotton mouth. It is very common for people to feel after consuming cannabidiol supplements to feel their mouth dried out. It can be a problematic side effect if not taken care of properly. If your dog faces a dry mouth problem, it might be because of poor dental health, so you should take care of it from time to time.

2. Itchiness

Biting, scratching and itching a lot after being dosed with cannabidiol is one of the most common things every dog owner faces. Cannabis can cause these things, and you can overcome such problems by reducing the oil you provide your pet with. It is a problem you should never overlook because it might not be good for your pet dog.

3. Upset Stomach

Switching food and dietary plan might cause an upset of the stomach even in human beings; then dogs are also known to do differently. Providing a high CBD oil dosage to your dog might create discomfort in their stomach. Make sure to provide them with a minimal quantity of dosage so that they can digest CBD oil without any side effects.

4. Vomiting

Upset stomachs can also cause problems like vomiting whenever their digestive system is uncomfortable. It is only after going to an extreme level. They might often vomit so that they can clean their stomach with any kind of extra material. It might even be possible when they do not like the taste of CBD; you are feeding them.

5. Inhabited Production of Liver Enzymes

Cannabidiol can affect body metabolism whenever someone inhibits them. Dogs get several times more potent with these drugs. Even if you feed them the oil in the right quantity, it might work as an overdose for them. So, ensure your dog takes other medicines that any veterinary doctor suggests; you should never feed them with CBD oil and other medicines.


Cannabidiol is considered safe for human beings and dogs in many cases. It can protect dogs from many everyday conditions. These products are completely natural and do not contain any kind of chemicals. But still, their side effect might be problematic if not handled properly.

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