How to Propagate a Lemon Cypress Tree?

Lemon Cypress is one of the more beautiful and hardy trees you can purchase in the nursery. It is an evergreen tree, meaning it will die back to its roots in winter but return with new growth come springtime. The best thing about lemon cypress is low maintenance and has a lovely fragrance that fills your yard, making it feel like Christmas. But these trees do require propagation once they outgrow their nursery pot which usually happens during their second year.

Lemon cypress is one of the first trees to outgrow their nursery pot, and most people can’t wait that long to get that beautiful lemon cypress tree in their yard. So why do you have to wait for a lemon cypress to grow? The answer is quite simply that laying a bare root is the easiest way to propagate a lemon cypress. So, let’s learn how to multiply a lemon cypress.

Steps to Propagate a Lemon Cypress Tree

  • You first need to dig a hole large enough to accommodate the root ball that your lemon cypress came in. Once you have explored the hole, use a trowel or shovel and dig out the dirt until you hit the root ball below where other roots have grown around it.

  • Now fill in the hole with soil and level it off around your lemon cypress. Once that is done, take your lemon cypress and carefully cut it around the roots to create room for them to grow outward.

  • Now it’s time for your lemon cypress to get all the water. You will want to start watering it twice a week at first. Make sure that you don’t keep increasing the amount of water because you will burn the tree out; this is very important. To help with this, make sure that you have enough soil surrounding your lemon cypress to soak up as much moisture as possible.

  • As your lemon cypress grows, you will need to prune it. By pruning it, you are encouraging new growth. In addition, it will help the tree generate more chlorophyll, and as a result, it will make the lemon trees greener.

  • Also, when you prune your lemon cypress tree, make sure that you remove dead or broken branches and any branches growing outward. Keep in mind that this is only for newly germinated trees.

  • The next step is to fertilize your lemon cypress. It is recommended that you take your fertilizer and mix it with water. Then use a watering can to water your lemon tree.

Now that you know how to propagate a lemon cypress, you can clear all your doubts. Lemon Cypress trees are often planted in the front yard because of their beautiful evergreen color. Still, they can also be used as living fences and provide privacy from nosy neighbors. Just remember that it is a very low-maintenance plant, and you don’t have to worry about it. The only thing you have to worry about is keeping the soil moist during the summer when your lemon tree is not in its dormant state.

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