A Beginner Guidance For Playing Like Pro: How To Pick Your First Pokemon?

When you install the game, then you have to pick your first pokemon and deliver a nickname to it. There are only three basic options available for a user, such as using pokemon in the shape of a turtle, or they can go for Charmander, and lastly, it is Squirtle. Later on, when you reach a higher level, then you can create and customize pokemon. But at the initial stage, you have to choose from these three types of pokemon only Pokemon go accounts for sale come with different types through which you can, later on, upgrade your XP level and choose the pokemon of your choice.

Type of pokemon:

Now, you will know that there are some other species that are also available, and it depends on the basic potential of the pokemon. In the initial stage, there are three pokemon options, and when you choose anyone, then it comes with its own weaknesses. There is some potential strength of these pokemon too, but along with their weaknesses. There are powers and evolutions which will be upgraded as the pokemon grows.

How to build a team?

When you play the game, then building a team is also required such that there are so many exotic creatures through which you will get the best collection by the time. Reach towards the different places so that you can easily be related to them. You need to find out the right water type so that it will become powerful for you to pick the right type of pokemon while playing the game. Create an effective team because this game is based on multi-player authority.

Know about battling in pokemon go:

Generally, battles are considered as a small base role for playing pokemon go. It is especially considered only for catching the pokemon. The main agenda is to get more candies here by using a poke ball. You need to defeat the species and collect their candies for reaching into XP level.

Why are gyms battles considered?

You will see that several gyms battles are considered so that you can fight back with the creature which is chosen here. It is quite challenging for the players to fight back because there are so many wild pokemon who are reaching out on the location when you need to attack, then tap on the enemy so that you can defeat them easily. Here gyms are like trainers place which comes with own landmark. There are so many icons available which you will see on the map further.

If you want to take your own control of the local gym, then you have to find out all the pokemon so that you can capture the location. You are also required to go through further for checking batteries by turning off AR mode. As a reason, this game is played outdoors, and taking control of all the local gyms requires battles with other pokemon to catch their candies.

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