My Rio de Janeiro Brothel?

Rio de Janeiro is a city of love. You see it everywhere you go, along with the traffic and liter. So it should be of no surprise that there are some brothels here and there. Actually, there are brothels here and there in Zona Sul and an actual area of brothels outside it.

Prostitution isn’t illegal here, though being a pimp is. Personally if a girl is going to sell herself, she should be the one making all the money from it. None-the-less, you will pass by certain “clubs” that you know are nothing but sex peddling “love” nests. I’m guessing there is a pimp rolling around somewhere up there. If not, maybe they rent out sex space like they do nail space in salons. Oh the questions I would ask if only I had the balls to go in.

The thing about these brothels is that they are on the¬†down-low. They are strip clubs with an upstairs. They are a place for bachlor parties… ie vegas sex with less protection and cheap fake boobs.

There is one brothel in particular that totally peaks my interest. Just look at the intro picture. I pass that place regularly. There is no way in hell that it is just a club!

Now as classy as this establishment seems, when the top windows are open you can see that they are bedroom like. Plus the occasional spotting of men going in and out, and the absolute lack of female company when they do so, makes me think that someone upstairs just may be practicing the oldest profession alive.

And fair enough. You do what you have got to do in life. It isn’t my place to judge. However, who in their right minds would go into a club like that for a little something something?! I know that the world economy is tough but Brazil is on the rise. Plus there are just some things you shouldn’t skimp on. Last time I checked guys, you only get one penis.

What do you think, is this place a brothel?