14 Year old Bullies 6 Year old in Rio de Janeiro

A case of bullying has been taken to court here in Rio de Janeiro. At the top private school Colégio de São Bento, a 14 year old student bullied a 6 year old student and only received 1 day suspension as punishment.

Márcia Moraes, the Mother of the 6 year old, took matters into her own hands when the school called the situation playing. On the contrary, the 6 yr old came home with marks all over his forehead from hitting it on the ground after being pushed down repeatedly. On top of that, he was called Fat and a Pig and was also treated aggressively by a teacher.

When the school did nothing about it, the Mother did what any kick ass Mother should, she took it to court! Now it has become news and was even featured in the Brazilian magazine Veja.

This week there was a breakthrough when Valeria Aragon of the Child and Adolescent Protection Unit in Rio de Janeiro said that bullying and aggression are crimes, not mere disciplinary infractions.

I know age makes no difference in bullying, bullying is bullying, but I am horrified at how a 14 year old was picking on a 6 yr old! That is crazy! The Mother of the 14 year old even had the audacity to come forward to say that her 14 year old has both his Mother and Father.

What?! FYI, children with two parents can still be assholes. My guess is, by the quote, he gets it from said parents. Personally, if it were my 14 year old child, he would be apologizing to the other student in front of an all-school assembly. I don’t know what I would do after that but his punishment would be far from over.

I am finding that bullying is quite present here in Brazil. Mr. Rant and his friends used to swear that it was nothing like it is in the US. Guess what, it’s time to start talking about it and realizing that is not only happening here but is happening all over the world.

On a side note, I hope the court charges the 14 year old’s parents with a hefty fee! When you are as closed minded and oblivious as they are, the best place to hit them is in the pocketbook. 


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