Hot Brazilians For Your Friday!

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Camila Finn was discovered at the young age of 11 yrs old. Don’t worry though, she is now 21 and thus legal, not that she’d give you the time of day.

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Rodrigo Calazans. Enough said.

3 thoughts on “Hot Brazilians For Your Friday!

  1. So what gives? The Hot Brazilian guys are nice an hunky but the only girls you seem to post are teeny, tiny ones. Where are the famed curvy latinas with the Brazilian butts? Where’s the love?:)

  2. Camilla Finn appears in the following music video:
    What a cutie. Just watch her wondering around New York City, taking the subway and all to then show up at a deserted beach somewhere (the director has compass issues it seems). All this to hand me a sandwich while dealing with an annoying hairy singer that won’t leave her alone, and is probably as clueless as the director.

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