My Rio de Janeiro Brothel?

Rio de Janeiro is a city of love. You see it everywhere you go, along with the traffic and liter. So it should be of no surprise that there are some brothels here and there. Actually, there are brothels here and there in Zona Sul and an actual area of brothels outside it.

Prostitution isn’t illegal here, though being a pimp is. Personally if a girl is going to sell herself, she should be the one making all the money from it. None-the-less, you will pass by certain “clubs” that you know are nothing but sex peddling “love” nests. I’m guessing there is a pimp rolling around somewhere up there. If not, maybe they rent out sex space like they do nail space in salons. Oh the questions I would ask if only I had the balls to go in.

The thing about these brothels is that they are on the down-low. They are strip clubs with an upstairs. They are a place for bachlor parties… ie vegas sex with less protection and cheap fake boobs.

There is one brothel in particular that totally peaks my interest. Just look at the intro picture. I pass that place regularly. There is no way in hell that it is just a club!

Now as classy as this establishment seems, when the top windows are open you can see that they are bedroom like. Plus the occasional spotting of men going in and out, and the absolute lack of female company when they do so, makes me think that someone upstairs just may be practicing the oldest profession alive.

And fair enough. You do what you have got to do in life. It isn’t my place to judge. However, who in their right minds would go into a club like that for a little something something?! I know that the world economy is tough but Brazil is on the rise. Plus there are just some things you shouldn’t skimp on. Last time I checked guys, you only get one penis.

What do you think, is this place a brothel?

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  1. They are quite common, Termas or Whiskey clubs…and even in Jardim Botanico on a swanky street there’s one amongst the high-end restaurants and bars. I was very surprised to learn that a lot of seemling normal, good looking, well-off, married and unmarried men have spent thousands and thousands of R$’s at these places ordering up women. An expensive habit. But I suppose it is a fantasy come true for some, and one they are totally willing to pay for. They are all over this country, some are high-end, world-renowned (like Fazendina SP) and clearly do a good business. It’s a guy thing. I think it’s pretty ewww.

    • I was doing a vip English class for an engineer out of a multi-national. An American multi-national. Anyway, one class she asked to just be on dinner and food from one specific famous eatery in campinas. She was assigned to be entering a group of American business men from her company. As she was one of the most fluent english speaker in the company. Well, they canceled on her. All very last minute and hush, hush. She found out later that a co-worker took the men to Fazendina, per their request. She said they were all married men. gross.

      • Nina, I am so NOT surprised by this at all. It is so very common here and I’ve been witness to having gringo friends visit and this is at the TOP of their list. A freind of ours (married of course) goes there (Fazendina) once a month and spends R$600 for 3 girls. Another friend confessed he probably has spent more than R$200,000 over the years, at another “casa” here in RIo. They are not places like depicted in the photos above, much higher class, and from what I’ve heard, the women are young and very good looking. But I think there’s a prositution house for every taste and budget (ever hear of vila mimosa?-yuk) and it IS normal and part of the culture here and I think most women who are married to these men are in denial about it. I’ve seen and heard so many stories in my time here and I have to say I’m not shocked anymore, just disappointed in these men. I know a couple of men who have true addictions to this. One got caught recently (an attorney) and he and his wife got beyond it, but she moved out for a couple of days (both Brazilian). The carioca men I know of are all successful, attractive (20′s-40′s), well educated, have lovely families, but they DO do this (and I’m talking about 20 or more men-most of them married or committed). It’s part of the culture here. I bet they’ve been doing it since they were teenagers. It is very different from U.S. standards/moral. I have arrived at the point that I don’t want to know about this kind of thing anymore involving people I know, it leaves me feeling very conflicted. . .

        • Fazendinha has it’s own “helipad” for rich people (men) to fly in and out of in their helicopters…clearly not a dive. This practice transcends all economic and class lines…it goes on in crap places and in very expensive ones. It’s a booming business and it’s really quite normal and everywhere in Brazil.

  2. Pass.

    Second thought……it might be one of those bingo places, yeah, thats right! The ones where retired folks slip in to throw a few moedas into the slot machines and win a trip to Cabo Frio. But seriously, you have never wondered why it is that so many Brasilian men cannot be found at the office after 5pm yet never seem to get home until after 8? These places are everywhere… I am told. Personally, I find them quite unappealing. I like, or liked when I was single, the “low mileage” fantasy. The clean up is well underway, however, as most if not all the obvious termas in Zona Sul were recently shut down. One, Centaurus, supposedly had over R$200k seized from the premises, so it must be profitable. For someone.

  3. these photos are classic! if it looks like a duck… how about a hidden cam operation where you and some friends walk in on fri night looking to party and check out the club?

      • Actually…they’ve done it in the US several times. A show called 20/20 used to set up outside of illegal and legal prostitution (Vegas) places to film the comings and going of the male ummm guests. They then televised it…

  4. I’m with you on this, Rachel. I think some people missed your last point there. What an unsanitary place for sex! I’ll bet they have the reusable bean bags, like the “Drive-Ins”, which I learned does not have the same meaning as it does in English. I was so excited when we moved to Crappy Beach Town, and I saw 2 places on our street called “Drive-In”, and so sad when Alexandre what they really were.

  5. PT Rio,

    Awww, they closed “Minotauro” in Copacabana!!! Correction, the name wasn’t “Centauro”, is was “Minotauro”, and hot looking young girls cost U$300,00 per 45 minutes, not 46 minutes, 45 minutes, and they did accept American Express and Diners among others… and I said DOLLARS, not Reais…Dollars my friend, and please don’t ask me how I know that…
    Oh, hell, who am I kidding, now I will have to write a post about it, inspiration comes from the least expected places :)



  6. Ray, thanks for the correction. For once I am glad to get something wrong. I had heard it was pricey, but yikes!
    I met a guy last New Year’s who called the closing and subsequent implosion of Help! his “personal 9/11″. I am not so sure anyone would have the same feelings if the location pictured above suffered the same fate.

    I look forward to your post on the subject!

  7. Rachel,

    Yes, the place above the “Feijao Tropeiro” sign is most definitely a “Brazilian Brother”, a very cheap looking one by the way. They have much better ones in Copacabana, usually near expensive hotels and restaurants. Minotauro mentioned by PT Rio was right on the Copacabana, Ipanema border.
    It’s not that they use a strip club as a disguise for a brothel, in Brazil, strip clubs are indeed a place you go to have sex.
    The American version of a strip Club always confused me to no end!! So you are supposed to go to a place to drink, get drunk, look at eye candy, get horny, get a serious case of blue balls and go home! What the hell????????????????????? WEIDOS is the only word that comes to my mind!
    But having a good sense of history I totally see the connection between the freaky American Strip Club version and the Puritans past in the US.
    So, back to prostitution habits in Brazil. We, in Brazil, if we go to a strip club, is with the idea of having sex PERIOD. There is no going, getting horny and doing nothing about it.
    The brothel you saw is either a brothel, or a brothel with a bar and a place to showcase the prostitutes and listen to some music while you choose your prostitutes.
    Termas are usually a place for straight (closeted) men to “pretend” they are going to the sauna to relax while “cruising” for other men. But “Termas” are also a place for straigh men looking for prostitutes.
    Many termas in Sao Paulo are for GAYs on certain days of the week and straight prostitutes on other days of the week, but nowadays they are getting so much business they are becoming exclusive gay or exclusive straight.
    Brazilians view sex COMPLETELY and UTTERLY different than Americans, and by that, I am not saying we are dirty and nasty and promiscous and don’t care where we stuck our penises.
    We see sex as a more natural thing, and we talk about it more naturaly too, and certainly don’t blush as much as my American friends do when we talk about sex, but I am side tracking here like nobody’s business, so time to shut up… :)



  8. Going to a Terma is part of the Carioca male culture. In the two years I lived in Brasil, I met other married guys from all walks of life including businessmen, police captains, attorneys and even judges. All of them, bar none, regularly hit the termas with their friends. It is a ritual that takes place when they have to “work late at the office” or are “going to the futebol game” with their buddies (when Flamengo plays, the termas are a sea of rubro-negro!). Cariocas do not consider going to a terma or one night stands as “cheating” since it is only sex. If you have an amante – well, that is a different story. Just ask your Carioca female friends about this – they know.

    • My Carioca female friends swear their men have never EVER been in one. They wouldn’t go into a trashy place like that…

      So another reason to be happy that hubs is not Flamengo ;)

      I do find it amazing that men go do this and then brag about it at work. At least keep it on the DL. That is also a part of the culture though, all the talking about it.

    • Greg,

      I think at the end of the day, we are all humans and have the same level of “testosterone”, we just go about it differently, some are hypocrites about it and some are more open about it, but I do get concerned with the ones who are sexually oppressed and then end up committing crimes against children like the Catholic priests and some other freaks we hear about it once in a while, not to mention rape, a crime that is way more common in the United States than Brazil for example. New England has the highest rates of rape anywhere in the United States and some say it’s because of all the Universities around here, for some freaky, crazy reason, rape happens more in University settings.
      I have many friends in Rio, some are religious and very strict about sex and fidelity in their marriages, some have open marriages, one even took his 13 year old to a brothel, but I have a real hard time generalizing. I can tell you Cariocas are way more open about sex than Paulistas for example.
      I personally think brothels are disgusting and filthy, and they would be my absolute last resort in a search for entertainment, but that is me.


      • I’m not sure. I think we hear more about rape in the US for example because it’s heinous and catches everyone’s attention. Rape might not be that common in the upper echelons of Brazilian society but it is almost normal in poor areas. Sexuality amongst the very poor is completely different than ours. Or what do you think people do when they live in a barraco with 6 or 7 kids and no privacy? What about the people that live in remote areas and the fathers that sleep with their own daughters etc. We need to be careful to compare urban Rio de Janeiro/ SP to continental USA and vice versa. Brazil is a huge animal with very different realities.

  9. I think these things are pretty sad.
    I also find it interesting that while many American women will often criticize the lingering puritan mindset found in the US (remember the outrage over the outrage of the Lewinsky scandal) they silently aprove of restrictions which derive from that same puritan outlook: men in America aren’t supposed to cheat under any circumstance, and if they go to a club then blue balls it is. Plus the general culture also frowns upon gloating over infidelity when it does happen. I think the latin mindset where cheating is normal, as is bragging about it, renders not only extra-marital affairs more acceptable but also contaminates the culture in general making it more tolerant in accepting other situations where contracts and agreements between parties are broken. So maybe those who demonized Bill Clinton for publicly shattering the so called unwritten puritan law of sexual behavior had a point, for there is often spillover of such behavior and if not openly scorned it will slowly become mainstream and spread to the culture at large. I don’t mean to sound like a preacher from ‘The Scarlett Letter’ here; but isn’t it true that tolerating , say cheating, so blatantly often spreads and causes other deviations: kind of like a Broken Windows Theory of social norms? And if so then doesn’t this completely lax mindset, as opposed to a puritanical one, produce cities like Rio and Bangkok which are best known as international brothels, overshadowing any real virtue they may possess?
    Btw I don’t think most Brazilian wives or girlfriends know or aprove of their partners going to these places, or cheating on them anywhere else. They just seem to pretend that is doesn’t happen, and hence relieve themselves of finding out the truth. Perhaps it is an intelligent way of coping with what is ingrained; but I don’t think it deals with the more important and underlying issue of dishonesty and its consequences..

    • Gritty P..ta,

      You are still boring and not original, I used “Blue Balls” first. Keep trying!
      Repita comigo: “Nao fui feliz, prometo melhorar!!” ;)



      • Ray,

        If you don’t agree with what I wrote then explain why, and try to do so without calling me things like PUTA.
        BTW, I am not aware that you own the copyright over ‘blue balls’.
        Not everyone has to agree with you, and if you are not secure nor mature enough to deal with this then refrain from commenting and thus insulting others until you finally are.
        Grow up.

        • Gritty, I really liked what you wrote, it makes sense to me from my perspective being American but living in Rio married to a Carioca. It is one of those cultural things that I can’t fully understand and will never feel ok to just write it off as a “Brazilian thing” I find it unkind and risky and have really been quited shocked at how common it is, upper-middle class, upper class…super common.

          • Thanks for the compliment Stephanie. I think some things just suck and are wrong regardless of the “oh it’s just a cultural aspect” relative spin used to sugarcoat it.
            Relativism is a sham.

        • Poeta Gritty, Poeta, if you are not familiar with Portuguese, Poeta is the translation of Poet…jeez, get you mind away from the gutter… “repita comigo, nao fui feliz, prometo melhorar”… :)


          • Ray,
            You insult people just because you don’t agree with what they write, and then you try to sugarcoat it by adding a smiley face (as if someone is going to conclude “the dude can’t control himself when debating; but hey that’s ok since he included a smiley face”.
            Again: grow up.

          • Gritty,

            Don’t play victim here, you are notorious troll who thrives on offending Brazil, Brazilians and Brazilian culture on a daily basis, in a very arrogant way and with a disgusting air of superiority.
            I really don’t understand so much disguised bitterness…


          • Amazing, and pathetic; yet totally expected that you won´t take responsibility for your actions. Such behavior is tiresome and ultimately keeps the person who adheres to it in a permanent infantile state.
            Stop bothering me, and try embracing accountability instead of creating false diversions for everything you do wrong.
            And – once again little man: GROW UP.

    • Its also normal cultural practice to stone women in the middle east if they get caught with a man outside the family and its also a normal cultural practice to blame women in the middle east and punish them for getting raped some are even murdered. That doesn’t mean that it should be accepted or tolerated.

      People are suppose to learn, change and grow not use “its the culture” as an excuse to act like total a holes~! We’d all still be in the dark ages if we didn’t grow and learn as a society.

      Not only that but its offensive for women to be treated as such in a culture. Women are not there to be taken advantage of and abused. And it is a form of abuse and its disgusting to lack any respect for your own woman.

      To Brazilian women maybe its time to start a women’s movement, burn your bras.

      • I agree completely Michelle but I think it’s gonna take a LONG, LONG time. I will have a big smile on my face if this day ever comes in my lifetime.

      • Stephanie, me too. But the problems is that we are humans. The other problem is that we living in a modern dark age. Oh, yeah guys that’s what our time will be known as.

        Michelle is correct. And pedro you sound like one of the people you are talking about. I lived in the South in the US and not all of it was religious. In fact in NOLA people are living it up sexually. So, I dunno I think your just looking at what something appears. And appearances are not always true.

        I can’t say legal prostitution is ok. Because the thing reality is this, we decided Social problem A will get fixed with social problem A solution. Then due to social problem A solution social problem B, C,D and E arise. Oh, social problem B is ten times worse. I am not saying that like racism is ok, so we should just be racist. No racism is one issue that is never OK. Never. What I am talking about are specific social issues that are complex. Prostitution is one of them. I am not 100 against any social group, I think ideas are SUPER dangerous. I don’t really think social ideas are easy to say one is better than anyone. Strict religion vs. sexual liberation? I dunno both group have caused a huge list of social problems. AND the number one rule I think societies need to have, they BOTH broken. IDEAS, PLACES AND OBJECTS are not important than living beings. Life is more important. However, of course this debate get hard with whose life is more important. I mainly am thinking about abortion.

        One of the issues with women is that we are f-ed. We are damned if we do, damned if don’t. It’s never enough, or always too much.

    • How stupid you are, thanks to people like you, that your country is known as having just stupid. First, “Latin mentality” that there is the same thing I say “Anglo mentality” and compares U.S. with Nigeria, the only way for you to understand, stupid is a country that forbid people to do whatever they want with their own bodies , most countries in the world allows prostitution only ignorant puritans who do not, people enter into consent and can do whatever they want and do not need to be against a state, Bill Clinton cheated on his wife? and you with it? the problem was that an affair with a subordinate and not betray the fact that it is his personal life, genius, what woman wants her husband frequenting these places?? if the man wants to cheat do not need a prostitute, and how ignorant you are, the more Brazilian is very puritanical majorities of European countries and parts of the U.S. taking “redneckland” we are a very religious country and has many ignorant religious, we have stereotype but are a very complex country to “Latin mentality”.

      • Did I offend you for talking shit about your Brothel?

        No name calling on this blog. No personal attacks.

        As for my labeling your country, deal with it. Your country is the one giving me my ammo. And if you don’t like my blog, don’t read it.

        As for the US, I’m not writing a blog about them. And if you had read more than 1 blog post you’d have seen that I can also be plenty blunt about them as well.

        On a side note, you seem rather cranky and moody. Maybe a trip to said brothel would do you some good.

      • whoa there pedro. the point of the post was to show that while Rio and Brazil have some very classy prostitution joints (and a clientele for them) these shady places still exist. we are talking about cleanliness, that’s all. would you use this brothel or would you prefer one wiped down with alcohol wipes? that’s what i thought.

        Blogs are for people to write their opinions. Wanna know how sick and tired americans are of being called stupid, fat and lazy? we’ll shed that stereotype when we stop being stupid, fat and lazy. And as for Brazil, it can drop its stereotype of being an over-sexualized playground where both men and women cheat when it actually stops being an over-sexualized playground. you don’t like being labeled a floozy party nation? then stop acting like it and stop defending it. There i said it! now where is Davinder to come and tell me im shoving my liberal nonsecular (oops, according to him i must be a puritan conservative) opinion down people’s throats. This is a blog of opinion and observation, and even though the biggest taboo for a non brazilian to do is point out the negative aspects of brazil (oh god, not that! don’t state the obvious!) the truth is that brazil is not all roses. or like another blogger states, brazil is not all puppy dogs and rainbows, the good and the bad is what this blog is about. the point is to give new comers an ideal of what it’s really like to live here. deal with it, or the easier thing to do would be go read something else.

    • I just thought the bill clinton thing was so stupid. who cares? Let the president stick his cigar in her. WHO CARES? It’s stupid. I thought it was more of a political thing and that republicans hated him. Ever since reagan they cry and cry when theres not some neo-con in the whitehouse. Ok, Clinton helped those rich dicks, who probably all do the same types of cigar poking crap as him. I always thought it was hilary that made right wing hate him. You know, her universal health plan.

      But blah, blame women for your problems. I mean we already are. I was raised without religion in my household. Brazilians in general are way more religious than me. Really, most Americans don’t go to church. I’m sorry republicans are scary, but the whole puritan culture seems very very male controlled. Any extreme religion is very male dominated. I don’t know why your saying wives.

  10. Yuck! Have you seen Bruna Surfistinha? So. freaking. gross. None of the guys going there are good looking at all. Any decent looking, semi-successful guy can get laid pretty much any time (by lowering his standards a touch) and besides I thought men love the hunt. Well the good ones do anyway. The rest can die at a young, lonely age from VD while the good strong males hunt for bunnies…

  11. Interesting article in the O Globo this morning, regarding a “confusao” at brothel owned by a polica civil in Novo Iguacu. 20 persons wound up at the police station, shots were fired, and general mayhem appears to have taken place. I suspect a few customers will have worse repercussions than the trip to the police station.

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