Obama Pulling Heads Out of Asses With New Immigration Policy

Obama’s new immigration policy is causing a stir and yet I wonder how many Americans have actually had to deal with immigration? I’m quite sure very few of the politicians bitching about the new policy have had to visit their local immigration department. I doubt the vast majority against the new policy have had any dealings with immigration aside from paying their gardener.

Obama says our immigration system is broken. As an American, born and raised on mainland American soil, I can tell you that this is an understandment.

I have full legal rights to apply for my foreigner husband’s permanent residency. Do they make it easy? Actually, having my ovaries turned into testicals would be a less awkward procedure. Let me remind you that this is coming from a woman who is accustomed to dealing with Brazilian bureaucracy. In case you are not familiar with Brazilian bureaucracy it is like playing a complicated scavenger hunt while blindfolded with booby-traps with the occasional game of double dutch. It seems nice in comparison with the American immigration system, and cheaper.

Americans are missing the big picture. For starters take a look at the movie A Day Without a Mexican. Yes it was a crap film (most likely due to lack of funds/effort) but it made some damn good points. We Americans feel entitled. If you doubt me go into the whole welfare debate. I do believe entitled is the main adjective used by all republicans.

Well I’m sorry to say that all of us fall into this category. We aren’t picking our own fruit, mowing our own lawns, or canning our own kids’ vegetables. And these are honest jobs. These are hard working honest jobs. On a side note, this mentality will be the death of us if we don’t change it. It is the foundation of our feeling of entitlement.

Secondly Obama isn’t proposing a mass legalization of all immigrants:

“Illegal immigrants under age 30 who arrived in the U.S. before they turned 16 and who have lived in the country for at least five years are eligible for “deferred action. The new policy requires that these immigrants also have a high school diploma or GED, or that they serve in the U.S. military. Regardless of meeting these qualifications, illegal immigrants with any criminal history won’t make the cut. A record besmirched with more than one misdemeanor offense (urinating in public, for example, or skipping a subway toll) will disqualify the applicant.”

OMG, that is so scary! Kids who arrived under the age of 16, have a high school diploma and haven’t even been caught urinating in public are allowed to get work visas and be taxed for working there asses off?! Craziness!

Honestly, I think that we should hold Americans to this. If you were born in the US, didn’t manage to graduate high school (which is free), or at least get a GED, and have been caught pissing in pubic; you are out my friend. Screw you. You had a ticket to pass GO and collect $200 dollars but instead decided to piss on Boardwalk.

Call me the new Galileo but the world does not revolve around the USA. It is far past time for us to give a good look at our system. I agree that Obama’s new immigration policy isn’t the fix all. There needs to be a major overhaul. That being said, redoing immigration will be the work of not one but possibly 4 or 5 presidents. It is that messy my friends.

And while I am no Galileo, I am an optimist. I hope that we Americans as a people, including politicians who don’t necessarily count as people, can actually work together to make a truly better America. The first step will be for all of us to pull our collective heads out of our asses.

What do you think of Obama’s new policy?

If you agree, please share…

20 thoughts on “Obama Pulling Heads Out of Asses With New Immigration Policy

  1. Liked the post. While I’m pretty conservative when it comes to immigration, I do have some exceptions. No child under the age of majority should be deported. Accordingly, their primary caregiver, or caregivers if that caregiver is married, should not be deported either.

    You can’t punish kids for the actions of their parents. Kids kinda have to go where their parents do. And yeah, while my position is going to give a free pass to those wrongdoers who jumped the borders with their kids, deporting the parents or whomever the caregiver(s) is/are, is wrong to do to the underage children in question. You have to protect the children, even if it means the adults get a pass.

    Now, if you’re in this country illegally and you are over the age of majority and you are not the primary caregiver for an underage child, screw you. You’re getting sent back.

    • I almost wrote an entire paragraph about minors and parents but I cut that fat. I like that you mentioned it. I agree.

      As for your last statement, I think you could qualify it more. I don’t think those with long term proof of paying taxes, living as lawful citizens, and/or giving back should be penalized. Of course that would have to be looked at via a case by case system. We’d need good level-headed lawyers. Maybe Steve would fit that bill :)

  2. The new policy is great!
    It will allow 65 thousand high school graduates without ID’s to immediately go into college!
    This is only an authorization to attend college, if they graduate, 6 years later, they get a green card.
    Obama did a great job, we have a dead beat Congress, so he used his powers to approve the law on his own.


  3. The controversy amazes me…one of my grandparents came from Germany, another from Switzerland, another from the Netherlands and another’s family hauled themselves off a boat in Maryland in the early 1700′s…the Scottish group. They all brought their customs, skills, children, language and a willingness to work with them. Many were relegated to poor segments of town, worked menial jobs that others didn’t want to do and tolerated prejudice to survive. They attempted to educate their children, had a hard time with English and dealt with being derided and spit on for sounding and dressing differently…and I hear some of their off spring (my cousins, aunts and uncles) screaming that we shouldn’t let foreigners stay in their country because they might take away their jobs, might need medical attention, might marry their daughter…might pay taxes (they haven’t figured that out yet…revenue)…I don’t understand. Last time I checked my history books California and a good portion of the Southwest belonged to Spain/Mexico…with their rich culture, amazing architecture and good food. Where’s the problem…give them a card, have them pay taxes, let them work, make the road to permanent status or citizenship (if they want it) simpler and less expensive and confusing. Maybe if we put a replica of the Statue of Liberty in the Gulf of Mexico we would be more accepting…or would we? Perhaps we’ve lost that part of ourselves…

    “Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

    Here at our sea-washed, sunset hates shall stand

    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

    Is the imprisoned lighting, and her name

    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon hand

    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    The presidents policy is a beginning….

  4. “Well I’m sorry to say that all of us fall into this category. We aren’t picking our own fruit, mowing our own lawns, or canning our own kids’ vegetables. And these are honest jobs. These are hard working honest jobs. On a side note, this mentality will be the death of us if we don’t change it. It is the foundation of our feeling of entitlement.”

    I absolutely agree Rachel! I was just having this discussion at school the other day when I walked by on a conversation about the lack of jobs right now in this economy. It’s bad, there is no doubt, and this one woman was complaining that all of the “hispanics” were taking the jobs. She said that she has a degree in horticulture but who is going to pay HER rates when Gonzalez down the road will do it for half that?

    I stopped and casually joined in and I told her that this issue has a flip side to it because we as Americans feel that we are better than everyone else and we won’t work for $3.00 an hour picking peaches in an orchard.
    How many Americans do you see cleaning toilets at hotels or doing grub work? And if Gonzalez didn’t pick them for $3.00 an hour, guess how much you would be paying for your produce and your vegetables at the grocery store? Are you really going to pay $10-20 a pound for strawberries or watermelon or a head of lettuce? Because if Americans did these jobs, we would demand much higher wages and the prices of everything would sky rocket. So everyone has their part in the society and while yes, it’s unfortunate that there are some jobs lost when lower costs take over, there are also some balances that follow as well. And it’s true, we in America could not afford a thing if it weren’t for the willingness of these workers to accept what is unfortunately in my opinion, pitiful wages.

    She agreed and changed her view a little bit. I was just glad to have gotten someone else to at least think of the flip side of things and not be so judgmental right off the bat. Look at it from all different sides first.

  5. I agree 1,000 percent with all the people here who are supporting this.

    Most Americans are going to make an absolute stink about this. We are going to hear about this for months if not years in the future, about how ”Obama f*cked up America by letting these illegals stay here.” Of course, I don’t think that, and not in the most tiny way.

    When you get to the basic root of the problem, it’s that most (most, not all) Americans are still extremely racist and white supremacist. They don’t want Mexican people or any other of non-white immigrant coming to America to take away the white majority. Regardless of these new 1 million citizens being majority non-white Hispanics, they aren’t going to single handedly change the demographics of the United States. We are headed for minority majority no matter what at this point, with them or without them. And the economy would completely blow to smithereens if these guys were all deported. The country would literally fall to a million pieces.

    And the US is a country made out of immigration, just like Brazil. It amazes me how quickly people forget this.

    So to all those xenophobic people out there: Remember where your family came from (cause unless you’re 100% cherokee Indian you are not really from the US), get used to people who don’t have the same skin color as you, and get used to hearing another language that is not English, cause as of now, it’s not even the official language of the United States. Wake up. The world doesn’t revolve around the US, and unfortunately, the majority of Americans don’t realize this.

  6. The Obummer has been a very timid President, in my view. This represents an act of courage for him, and for that I salute him. And how true, there are how many Native Americans left? The US was seized by European immigrants, including my own Grandparents which came from Norway in 1889, speaking not a word of English and with the equivalent of $30 in their pockets. Try that today! They became potato farmers in North Dakota. Their sons and daughters served in WW2, the Korean war and one was a career civilian working in the Pentagon. (Yes, one thing the US does very well is to mobilize and make war and for that they needed immigrants!) I lived on an Indian Reservation, the Makah in Washington, one High School Summer and worked on a fishing boat. My Father was a racist, that brief Summer on the reservation changed my life and my attitude. The way the US (and Brasil) has treated its native population is criminal. Xenophobic is right! It is about time the World woke up and quit revolving around the US. Many Brasilians still seem to worship the US, I would not stand in line like cattle to go anywhere. The day will come when nations must compete for young, willing workers. Not everyone can be Steve Jobs, nor should they. Leave it to the US to turn the dream of a college education into a bankster scam which has now created more debt than credit cards! And, no way to escape it other than to LEAVE the US, and that may no longer be an option if passports are revoked or denied to those with student loan debt.

  7. It amazes me how man “smart” americans are clueless about immigratio. If I had a dollar for everu person who has assumed my husband automatically became american when we married, id be set for life.

    Just yesterday I met a group of American colleges students here for Rio +20. When they found out my husband is Brazilian, the convo once again wemt like this:

    So, you have double citizenship?
    me: no, but I do have permanent residency (like the Brazilian equivelant of a green card)
    Well, your husband got us citizenship when you married, right?
    Me: No.
    I meant a green card.
    Me: No. I did get the right to hire a lawyer and enter in to an 8month long process to try to get him one though.
    Girl (looking very puzzled): Oooh..hmmm..I always thought it was just automatic. He married you and could get a passport….

  8. When my Brasilian wife and I married, our plan was to move to the US. It took 8 months to obtain her permanent resident Visa, three or four trips to the Consulate, and about $700 (I believe it costs even more now). We did not know where we would live, she had never seen snow before and I figured Seattle (where I am from) weather was just too depressing, so we planned three trips to visit various parts of the US and then decide where to settle. On our third visit, entering through Houston, the Immigration person told us we were “abusing” the resident Visa by traveling back and forth. It was 5:15 am, I tried to explain we were looking for a home to purchase and because my wife was unfamiliar with the US we were looking at various areas. His response was telling us he had placed a “block” on her Visa in the computer and that we would be denied entry on our next visit and would have to meet with immigration officials and either obtain a new Visa or change her existing Visa to a tourist Visa. There were many things I wanted to say to that person, most of which would have likely resulted in my being arrested. I chose to speak with actions, and my first action was deciding to remain in Brasil and spend my income here. Her US “permanent resident” Visa was not permanent until she had lived in the US for something like two years without leaving. I would travel to Europe before I go back to the US, other than for urgent business or family matters. Or, once the Visa requirement is lifted completely, we might vacation in the US though I would still much prefer visiting Europe or other areas of Brasil I have not yet seen. Despite all my criticisms of Brasil, I am a happier person here and that is what matters most. I cannot imagine the PITA it is for others trying to move to the US legally, I am a lawyer and it taxed my abilities to understand and comply with the various requirements. On the other hand, my Brasilian permanent Visa took two years, a dozen visits to the PF, and a neighbor who complained to the PF that I was an illegal here before the Visa was issued. The complaint about my being illegal was a godsend, it brought the PF to my door within a week, a visit I had been waiting on for over 18 months. I tell other gringos who are applying for permanent resident Visa’s here in Brasil that if they want to speed up the process just have someone call and report them as illegal, the PF will be out to do the in home interview in a week! Otherwise, it can take years.

    • I live in the US and got my Brazlian permanent resident visa in two months. That is with the Brazilian consulate where I live sending my paperwork to Brazil! So I really don’t get why if you are in the country it takes longer. Another thing that makes no sense,

  9. I think this is definitely a step in the right direction! When my husband (who is Brazilian) & I got married, he was technically illegal. He had entered the country legally on a visa but had overstayed his visa. Fortunately, they are/were so much more willing to forgive an overstayed visa and didn’t really give us any difficulty about his illegal status. In order for us to get him a green card, it was so much more expensive and difficult than I had expected. We had to hire a lawyer, who cost $1500, plus we had to pay the government paperwork fees, which were about $750. We had to prove that we had a real marriage when we went for the visa interview, so we brought our best proof which was our daughter, haha. At first, he was only able to get a 2 year conditional visa, because we hadn’t been married for at least 2 years yet. So, despite, having already paid over $2000, when the 2 year visa was up, we had to pay another $700 or so to renew his visa to get the full 10 year visa. Apparently, the regular renewal fee is only around $500, but still. So, all told, it has so far cost us around $3000!! No wonder so many people try to enter the country illegally! It would be really hard for a lower class Brazilian to come up with 6000 reais!

  10. Well, hm, Brazil may have many problems, but at least I think this issue receiving immigrants, we are very welcoming, the government greatly facilitates the entry of illegal immigrants or legal, you can use the example of thousands of Bolivians and Peruvians who live in Sao Paulo, and I’m not sure how much racism exists in the country, here in Paraiba blacks and whites live together in harmony.

  11. A lot of American have now decided not to vote for Obama solely based on this act. They feel that immigrants are being rewarded for doing something illegal regardless of how they got here or who’s fault it is. The fact is I do see some of their argument. It is more strain on the already strained welfare resources we have in this country. So while I can see both sides of the argument, in this economic climate I see the American side more than the Latino side. Americans feel its time to take care of legal citizens first.

    Sidenote I am married to a Brazilian man who came here through the border.

  12. To offset the initial costs of immigration to any host country, which is seen as unfair to many natives – as Jennifer pointed out – perhaps a system could be agreed upon in the WTO in which tarrifs are dropped or decreased according to immigrant intake, and economically benefitting exports of said host countries.
    This way the costs of immigration could be better distributed. If Brazil, who spends a disproportionate amount of funds on high pensions awarded to a small and elderly segment of the population, and taxes the whole population and domestic economy to pay for them creating a burden that specifically damages the young (who often end up immigrating for jobs elsewhere), then she (Brazil) would have to allow products from countries who receive those immigrants favorable access to Brazilian domestic market.
    It is not fair that a minority in one nation (in this example Brazil) taxes the rest of the population to its own benefit ; yet the detrimental result of such policy ( less money for private sector and jobs) ends up causing part of its workforce to immigrate, leaving the burden of initial costs of immigration ( schooling, and other investments) solely on the back of the receiving nation ( USA).
    In the end a country which receives more people than it sends off would be compensated, and perhaps countries that inist on unfair and irrational polices would be moved to change: resulting in less locals having to leave.

    On a sidenote: If I were in charge of any foreign country then citizenship would be offered to all those illegal high school graduates in case the America doesn’t want them. This way my nation would benefit, without having paid for the of schooling said work force, of their abilities. For once one of Obummer’s policies makes sense.

  13. This is the BIG topic of conversation between my friends and I lately. The USA immigration policy is severley broken,that we all know. However, punishing those that have been and will be contributing members of society is a travesty. Ex.) a person graduating top of their class, wants to go to med school and ultimately “help” their society.
    I’ve head people say “why should they get jobs here? They don’t spend it in our economy. All they do is send it back to Mexico.”. “They ASSUME I speak Spanish, and when I don’t they get pissed.” While I do understand the the U.S. does not have a “national language”, one can assume being that English is what is taught in schools, and often used in business (of course unless dealing with an International market).

    While people claim immigration policy needs to be changed, I rarely hear them speak of Chinese, Russians, etc,etc, that could possibly be immigrants as well. The focus tends to be around the Latino community.

    I completely agree with Shay about the produce industry. There was a program on Vanguard about strawberry pickers and how they get paid. This is back breaking work, where they would get paid per box. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE strawberries, but I wouldn’t pay $10/lb for them;and I highly doubt others would as well.

    Americans should be honest and say or realize that immigrants are needed do the “lower” waged,back breaking jobs that most wouldn’t consider.

    Only time will tell what the outcome will be.

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