How to Renew Your Child’s US Passport Abroad

I’m assuming this is for abroad in general but please check with your consulate. We all know the US government can be funny about things. I received this information of the US consulate in Rio de Janeiro. They were very helpful by email, answering my first one in 2 days and my replies on the same day! I couldn’t believe it either.

Child and both parents must be at the Consulate for the appointment. Please see below the required documents:

-          Parents’ valid ID document (passport, RG or driver’s license).

-          DS-11 Form (please fill out but do not sign it)

-          Child’s original U.S. birth certificate (or CRBA – Consular Report of Birth Abroad)

-          Child’s previous U.S. passport

-          U$105 (or the equivalent in reais)

-          1 recent photo (5cm x 5cm) – in color with a white background

I personally also recommend photo copies of everything. I don’t know if it just a US consulate in Brazil thing but people want copies here.

For more information check out this government site. It provides answers for single/adoptive/guardians as well as other useful information.

It should be noted that if you attempt to be humorous in your emails to the US consulate they will either ignore it or be annoyed by it.


5 thoughts on “How to Renew Your Child’s US Passport Abroad

  1. A sense of humor is now banned at all airports, government facilities, courts, and yes, consular offices, not to mention all Red states. Violators are frowned at. Those with Guy Fawkes masks are interrogated for hours on end. And, they left out the “arrive early and stand in line for hours, then wait patiently in room with broken TV set” part. But, you can turn it into a learning experience!!! The PITA it is to visit the US&A. I just started reading the now 16 year old book by Al Franken, “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot”. It could have been written yesterday. Still relevant, and still hilarious. And, Rush LImbaugh is still an idiot who is paid millions. Sadly, some things may never change.

  2. You guys have such a great country and it reflects on the level of service you receive. Maybe one day Brazi will catch up!

  3. You also need to show photo progression of your child between their original passport timing and now. At least, that is an element I’m required to bring when I renew my older daughter’s passport later this year.

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